Technology Resources

General Technology Support
The University provides significant technical support to students including:

Computer Assistance (
Comprehensive computer and software support for students via chat, phone and in-person.

Discount Software and Computers
Students are eligible for significant discounts on software and computers through the Matador Bookstore:

Library Support
The department has an extraordinary librarian to assist with academic resources and for one-on-one consultation for research projects: Eric Garcia (

Technology for Maintaining Secure Communication and Record Storage
As an MFT Trainee, Intern and Licensee, you have a significant legal and ethical obligation to maintain confidentiality related to client information and records. In our technology saturated world, this task is increasingly challenging. Therefore, we recommend the following to help ensure all of your record storage, record transportation, and communications with clients is maintained securely.
If you save confidential client information on a memory stick purchase a secure card.
Any files, memory drives (even those that are encrypted), phone messages, etc. that contain client information should be transported in a secure locked box such as this.
If you save confidential client information including video on an SDI card purchase a secure card. Note: our video cameras all use SDI cards. If you want to save video of your client to show your supervisor, you must use one of these.
If you make calls or text clients on your mobile device, you should use only this app or an equivalent high security text/calling device. It also appears that you can securely store documents on their cloud.
Technology for Tracking Licensing Paperwork
Allows you to scan field work forms and other documents using your iPhone.
Technology for Live Supervision
These are the cameras shared by students in our fieldwork classes for live supervision. You are also free to purchase your own.
This is the desktop tripod we use.