A Short Guide to Getting Started with Fieldwork

1. Learn about the requirements for fieldwork and read about the timeline.

2. Prepare a resume, obtain formal interview suit, and prepare to interview.

3. Start Calling Approved Comprehensive Sites and Interview: start search 6-9 months prior (February of second semester of program). A list of approved sites is provided via a Moodle webpage. Please contact Dr. Dana Stone if you do not see this page when you log into Moodle.

4. Accept an Offer
  • Have fieldsite supervisor sign CSUN’s Form 6 Fieldsite Contract and turn into your fieldwork instructor (clients may not be seen until signed by a CSUN representative)
  • Have supervisor sign BBS Supervisor Agreement Form
  • Obtain liability insurance through AAMFT, ACA, or CAMFT
  • Use BBS Hour Log and CSUN’s Log to log hours
  • If you want to work at a site other than one on the Updated List contact Dr. Stone

5. Sign up for EPC 690 during the summer and EPC 659P for Fall

6. After completing P and Q you will need to be signed up for a fieldwork class (690) each and every semester you see clients in the field whether or not you have completed the minimum number of hours to graduate. This is a BBS rule so that universities maintain oversight.