CSUN Fieldwork Forms

You can download CSUN fieldwork forms here. The BBS forms are available at www.bbs.ca.gov.
Use this hour log if you started fieldowork 1/1/15 or later (for 2014 cohort).
2016 BBS Log; we recommend option 2. You should also check bbs.ca.gov for updates.
This is an Excel version of the 2015 CSUN MFT log. It will autocalculate many of the totals for you.
Guidelines for completing the 2015 Hour Logs
Use this for as a guide for completing the CSUN hour logs for 2015 to present
Form 1 for documenting workshops: Due end of semester
2015 Student MOU and Release; Due second week of class
This is the agreement for an individual student at a site for students starting a site.
Form 6A; Supervisor Email; Due second week of class or must be hand delivered to Department Office
This is for students who began in Fall 2014 to present
This is only for students who were in the 2013 and earlier cohorts; do not use if you started in Fall 2014 or later
If your site does not include a clause on video recording, you may use this form for recording your clients.