CSUN MFT Curriculum for Students Entering 2016

Pre-Requisites - 12 Units

Prerequisites must be completed prior to beginning the program: no exceptions.
Students enrolling in the accelerated, daytime program must finish their prerequisites during the spring prior to beginning in their first summer session. Students enrolling in the standard program must complete all prerequisites no later than the summer prior to their first semester; priority is given to students having prerequisites completed at time of application.

EPC 430

Development & Learning Early Childhood Education (3)
EPC 451
Fundamentals of Counseling and Guidance (3)
EPC 600
Educational Statistics for Research & Measurement (3)
PSY 310
Behavior Disorders (3)

To apply for equivalency, download the application packet and submit as directed.



Counseling Core Courses
643: Diversity in Counseling (3)
655: Counseling Theories (3)
657C: Career Interventions in Mental Health Counseling (3)
671M: Law, Ethics, and Professional Issues in Family Therapy (3)

Marriage and Family Specialization Courses
656: Therapy with Children, Adolescents, and their Families (3)
670A: Systemic Family Theories and the Evidence Base (3)
670B: Postmodern & Cognitive Family Theories & the Evidence Base (3)
670C: Psychoeducation & Group Process in Family Therapy (3)
673: Community Mental Health (3)
674: Family Development Across the Lifespan (3)
675: Chemical Dependency and Addictions Counseling (3)
677: Couple and Sex Therapy (3)

Clinical Assessment and Research Courses
603: Clinical Research and Program Evaluation (3)
679: Clinical and Outcome-Based Assessments (3)
672: Mental Health Diagnosis (3)
678: Psychopharmacology & Neurobiological Foundations (3)

Practicum and Fieldwork Courses
659A: Practicum: Communication (3)
659B: Practicum: Skills (3)
659P: Fieldwork in MFT (3)
659Q: Fieldwork in MFT (3)
659R: Fieldwork in MFT (1)
690: Professional Development and Practice in the Field (1, 2, or 3 units; optional; as needed to complete field practice)

Culminating Experience
697/698 and 695WC Comprehensive Exams or Thesis/Project (3-6) Note: most students require six units.

64-67 Unit program