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Welcome to CSUN's MFT Webpage!

This Webpage is the Student Handbook for Our Program!

Here you will find all the information you need to apply, get through, get out, and get hired.

Quick Program Overview

  • Mission: Our mission is to train competent marriage and family therapists to serve the needs of individuals, couples, children, and families in the the diverse communities of Southern California. We seek to provide a supportive, engage learning environment that enables our students to develop effective working relationships with diverse clients, competency in contemporary therapy theories, and a solid foundation in the field's evidence-base. Our students are prepared to provide services in community, public, and private mental health settings and eventually to serve as leaders in the field. Many students also choose to pursue doctoral studies upon graduation.

  • Licensure: The Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) option within the M.S. degree in Counseling is an approved program and provides students with competency in the content areas required by the State Board of Behavioral Science (BBS) for licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). It also qualifies you to sit for the Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) exam. Upon graduation students qualify for registration as an MFT Intern to gain further hours towards licensure.

  • National Accreditation: Our program is nationally accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE; connected with AAMFT) and is one of two such accredited program in the region. This accreditation ensures that our program adheres to the highest national standards for training in marriage and family therapy. This accreditation also makes it easier to transfer hours and educational experiences to qualify for licensure in another state. We make ongoing efforts to keep our accreditation current, which is granted by an external agency and therefore cannot be guaranteed by the university.

  • Our Curriculum: Designed to teach practical skills as well as master academic knowledge, our 64-67 unit curriculum provides students with a cutting edge, comprehensive foundation for successfully entering contemporary practice settings. Our program is an afternoon/evening cohort (7 semesters over 2 and a half years). Students must successfully complete all pre-requisites prior to beginning the program. The curriculum and/or fieldwork requirements are subject to change based on changes in state licensing and accreditation requirements.

  • Our Faculty: The faculty in CSUN's MFT program are nationally recognized leaders in the field of couple and family therapy. They are dedicated to ensuring students have a good learning experience and succeed in their journey to become a licensed professional.

  • Our Students: Our students share an enthusiasm and commitment to becoming skilled clinicians. We have a diverse student body, varying in age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, religious background, immigrant status, and family structure, among other things, which creates an ideal climate for learning to become a family therapist.
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COAMFTE Student Achievement Criteria Data for CSUN Accredited: November 1, 2016

Student Achievement Criteria
CSUN’s MFT program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE). Accreditation is a voluntary process that is designed to ensure the quality of education provided by marriage and family therapy programs. All accredited programs are expected to meet or exceed all standards of accreditation throughout their period of accreditation. As part of this process and in accordance with the Accreditation Standards Version 12, programs are required to meet COAMFTE Student Achievement Criteria by cohort and publish this information on the homepage of its website. Below please find tables reporting student achievement data for CSUN.

Student Achievement Criteria I
The Commission requires that each program report Graduation Rates for minimum, advertised, and maximum length of time for each cohort. The rate is calculated by dividing the total number of individuals enrolling in the program by the total number of individuals graduating within each time period.

Student Achievement Criteria II
The Commission requires that each program report Job Placement Rates for each cohort. This rate is calculated by dividing the number of individuals who entered in the year listed that are employed using skills developed in their program of study divided by the number of individuals that provided their employment status to the program.

Student Achievement Criteria III
The Commission requires that each program maintain an annual average pass rate of 70 percent for students in each entering year taking the exam required by the program's state or province to obtain licensure. The pass rate is calculated by dividing the number of individuals passing the exam by the number of individuals taking the exam by cohort.
Year Students Entered Program**
# of Student in Program
Graduation Rate: Minimum 2.5 years
Grad Rate for Advertised time:
2.5-3.0 years
Grad Rate:
Maximum 7 years*; note: cohorts still in process
Job Placement Rate***
MFT License Exam Pass Rate****


88% + in process
88% + in process


89% + in process

*Minimum length of time is the shortest time possible that a student could complete the program (i.e., a student doubled up on coursework one semester and was able to graduate early). Advertised length of time is how long the program is designed to complete as written. Maximum length of time is the maximum allowable time in which a student could finish the program (i.e., if a student needed to take time off due to illness, family responsibilities, etc.).
**Program are only required to provide data on the past 10 years/cohort or since the program was initial accredited, whichever is shorter
***This is defined as the percentage of graduates from the cohort year listed that are employed within 3 years of their graduation utilizing skills learned in the COAMFTE accredited program. Masters and Doctoral programs are required to provide this information. Post-Degree programs are encouraged to share this with the public.
**** Master programs are required to provide this information. Doctoral and Post-Degree programs are encouraged to share this with the public. For Master’s programs only, COAMFTE has established a benchmark of 70% pass rate for each cohort.

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